Frequently Asked Questions

What are CNIB Brighter Gifts?

CNIB Brighter Gifts are heartfelt, meaningful gifts you can give to the people you care about to honour a special occasion or in memory of someone you’ve lost. Choose any gift and you will be making a donation of the same value to support vital programs that empower Canadians with sight loss to live the lives they choose.

Learn more by visiting our How it Works page.

Where does my donation go?

When you purchase a Brighter Gift you are making a donation towards programs and services run by the CNIB Foundation. The items described in the digital catalogue are representations of items used in CNIB programs so your donation will be directed to the area of greatest need. 

Will I receive a tax receipt when I purchase a CNIB Brighter Gift?

Yes, you will receive a tax receipt for amounts of $15 or greater. A printed tax receipt will be mailed to you in 4-6 weeks.

Can I purchase a Brighter Gift if I’m not currently a CNIB donor?

Yes! Anyone can purchase a Brighter Gift, regardless of if you’ve donated to CNIB in the past.

Will I be charged tax on my order?

No, a Brighter Gift is a donation to CNIB Foundation and therefore no tax is charged.

What kinds of cards do you have?

We offer a variety of eCards to send to your special recipient. You can view the eCards available here.  

We also offer printed boxed cards that you can view here.

If you’d like to make an in memory or in honour donation and have a printed card mailed by a member of the CNIB team, please visit or call 1-800-563-2642.

Can you mail me a Brighter Gifts catalogue?

No, unfortunately, Brighter Gifts are only available as a digital catalogue at this time.

Can I make my donation by phone?

You can make a donation to CNIB by calling 1-800-563-2642. Unfortunately, the eCards listed in the Brighter Gifts store are not available for donations made by phone.